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Arthur Neely or Arthur Nealy
Singing Policeman
Saint Louis Police Department
Saint Louis Missouri
Photo of Arthur Neely or Arthur Nealy Saint Louis Missouri !
photo circa 1971
Retired Police Officer Arthur Neely at the age of 74 in 1971
The Singing Policeman serenading Wahington University Alumni in 1971
rendering "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" and "Cecilia" with his vibrant tenor voice .
Stage name was Arthur Nealy explained Arthur Neely who stated that early in his singing career
"the Missouri Theater ran out of 'E's and they used an 'A' instead and the name Arthur Nealy stuck" .
Neely had been an officer for 11 months in 1922 when he traded a
Laclede Avenue District foot beat for the footlights with the Edgar Van Alstyne RKO-Orpheum Circuit .
Arthur Nealy did a solo with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra during his 21 years stage career .
Arthur Neely returned to the Saint Louis Police Department in 1943 .
Arthur Neely was a Central District Patrolman until he retired in August 1960 .
Photo of Handbill for Arthur Neely or Arthur Nealy Saint Louis Missouri !
The Handbill
from the
Shenandoah Theater
2300 South Grand Avenue at Shenandoah
The recorded major date is Saturday, February 4, 1928 .
Arthur Nealy opened as master of ceremonies in "Blue-Blues" .
For 35 customers got Nealy's words and songs, comedy, music and
the "Ten Dancing Dolls" and a movie "The Cohens and Kellys in Paris" .
The Shenandoah opened in 1912 as a legitimate theater on South Grand Avenue .
By 1916, it was showing movies along with vaudeville .
The Shenandoah was designed by architect F.A. Duggan .
Its ornate exterior was eye-catching and the crystal chandeliers reflected brightly in the lobby .
It housed 703 seats on the main floor and 369 seats in the balcony .
The theater was closed in 1977 .
It has been demolished and a parking lot is on the site now .

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