St Louis Police Veteran's Association 
 City of St Louis Metropolitan Police Department 
 City of Saint Louis Missouri 

Prisoner Processing
circa 1972
City of Saint Louis Missouri

The answer to all questions will be answered within limits of accuracy .

For lodging there is 35 cells in the men's section,
including the drunk tank and three military cells .
Most cells hold up to eight prisoners, but any prisoner can be isolated .
Prisoners are separated according to the type of crime for which they have been arrested .
The 30 cells in the women's section are for single occupancy.
Six cells are reserved for juveniles .

For the question of what's to eat, the answer is;
for drinks, black coffee is served with all meals ,
for breakfast in the morning is two glazed doughnuts,
for lunch, two sandwiches made of the finest bologna served on fine white sliced bread, with no complements
for dinner a hot meal can be select from the menu below which never varies .
Photo of Saint Louis Police Department's Garage !

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